The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer Series

The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer

A Steamy MM Fantasy Romance

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A teacher with powerful magic whose flame of love for one never diminishes. A beautiful half-fae, unworldly student with a hidden dark power and a crush on his teacher. An adventure is on the horizon.


Famous, powerful, and lethal—ex-military supreme crimson mage Alastair Reinhardt is enjoying his peaceful, reclusive life with his beautiful half-fae student Sora, teaching the boy the art of magic. When Sora turns eighteen, Alastair introduces Sora to the outside world by taking the boy on an excursion. Little does Alastair know, however, that a band of demonic spirits has been going around the realm of Stormfire and kidnapping and murdering boys ripe for the plucking—boys like Sora, who is a perfect candidate for the hungry spirits.


Like hell Alastair would allow those contaminated creatures a chance to lay their filthy hands on the boy. Sora is his beloved—a reincarnate of his inamorato Minato Ando—and Alastair would do whatever it takes to protect the boy. Not that Sora needs protecting though, because the boy can really kick some ass with his powerful magic and martial arts skills, not to mention he is the legendary dark necromancer with a legion of his own army of the undead, not that he knows it.


The Crimson Mage and The Dark Necromancer is an mm fantasy (boys love, yaoi). The fantasy aspect is a mashup of the East and West. Expect adventure, magic, mayhem, and steamy romance between a beautiful, unworldly uke (Sora) and a powerful, hunky redheaded seme (Alastair).


The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer is published in novel-length serialized books format.