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Steamy BL & MM Romance

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Natsu and Alec

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Brat. Imp. Runt. Punk. Threatening to whoop my ass. Spanking me on the butt. Manhandling me. These are some of the things Alec calls me and does to me. He’s my trauma, and there is no way I will be enduring more of these silly torments from him.


Now that we are under the same roof, can’t we just get along and live in harmony? The only thing is, when I offer a peace treaty, he does a one-eighty and tells me he likes me. Ha-ha! Yeah right. Like I’m going to believe that shit. I just know it’s another of his game, one I want no part in. But why is it that whenever he kisses me, my world burst in bright neon color? Why can’t I stop thinking about him? Or, heaven forbid, want him to do me? Am I really falling for Alec like his master plan? Fuck! I’m scared, and I don’t know what to do.




Alec never likes Natsu, the middle triplets everyone seems to adore. He thinks the brat is an airhead and a crybaby, and everything he does irritates him. Now that they are living together, that irritation becomes more prominent, with the boy keeps climbing into his bed, butt naked no less.


Yes, he’s fucking cute with a pretty face and a body any girl or gay man would want to chow down, but Alec is not into boys like Natsu. Or is he? Because the mere sight of Natsu shirtless is turning him on, and when he realizes every one of his past girlfriends has a trace of Natsu, he knows he’s been lying to himself all along. He likes Natsu and proving that to the minx is harder than he thought.


Natsu and Alec is a contemporary mm romance and contains bickering, light bullying, and steamy scenes.

Natsu and Alec
Natsu and Alec eBook Interior Cover
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