Tales of Beastkin Series

Tales of Beastkin: Shiro

A Steamy MM Romance

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The beautiful monster.


Adam Sullivan, dubbed The Beautiful Monster, is on a “sabbatical leave” of his position as the head honcho of one of the most powerful mobster groups in America. Relishing in his newfound, peaceful life, Adam’s wonderful tranquility is being threatened when he happens upon a beaten-up foxkin youth in the back alley of New York City.


The moment Adam lays his eyes on the exquisite white hair, cobalt-blue eyes Shiro, he is beguiled and knows he’ll be kissing his serene life goodbye if he doesn’t walk away. When Shiro begs for his help, Adam loses the fight to the inevitability and takes the boy home.




Into the arms of a beautiful monster…


Shiro is a beastkin, a race of human with small animal characteristics society despise. Having escaped the institute, he lives in the backstreet scavenging for survival. When Adam saved him after a deadly beating, he is grateful.


It isn’t long when Shiro finds himself falling in love with Adam, whose rough exterior and standoffish kindness steals the boy’s fragile heart. Shiro knows he can’t linger around and take advantage of Adam’s generosity, but leaving is just so damn hard, especially when Adam makes him feels he belongs, a feeling he desperately yearns.



Tales of Beastkin: Shiro is a steamy mm romance (boys love, yaoi) with some dark themes. The uke (Shiro) is a beautiful beastkin (a race of human with small animal characteristics) and the seme (Adam) is an alpha hunk.


Note: Seme is the man who does the chasing (the top) and uke is the male being chased (the bottom) in the romantic relationship.

© 2021 by Bella Chan and Alexia X.

© 2021 by Alexia Praks